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The CustomFit™ App

Behind the award-winning app CustomFit™ there is years of research in understanding what behaviours cause people to develop fitness habits. Deep rooted into the foundation of everything we do is an understanding of the self-determination theory. This theory was introduced to us by a behavioural psychologist with 25 years’ experience in working out what motivates people to live a healthy lifestyle. The idea is that by giving members a fitness experience where they have choice and can access knowledge, in an environment where they feel like they belong, they will stay motivated at the gym and beyond.

CustomFit™ is a product of this research. The app includes personalised training plans to keep users focused in the gym, as well as the ability to track progress so they know what impact their training is having. With access to over 800 exercises, CustomFit™ not only gives the user choice, it also educates nervous or inexperienced members, therefore improving their confidence when they are in the gym.

CustomFit™ allows users to create personalised and progressive workouts all designed around what the user is trying to achieve: losing weight, toning up, gaining strength or boosting athleticism. Our belief in Connected Fitness Labs is that seeing, feeling and understanding your fitness progression drives confidence that, in turn, echoes throughout everything we do in life.


CustomFit 12-week Body Transformation Plans

Transform your body, and get fitter and healthier in 90 days

BioScore - Discover Your Real Age

Whether a users BioScore is younger or older than their actual age, feedback is given and a breakdown of results so the user can clearly see how they compare  on every test.

Fitness First asked five sets of identical twins, ranging in both age and fitness ability, to take a BioScore assessment. Watch the video below for the proof that lifestyle choices can affect biological age.

Find out more about BioScore, download the Fitness First guide:

White Label App

Expanding the world of digital fitness: A new partnership between Connected Fitness Labs and Wexer Virtual

This partnership combines our intelligent health and fitness app CustomFit™ with Wexer Virtual’s platform and exercise content from top brands, to create a unique and extensive digital fitness solution that can be white labelled by gym chains anywhere in the world.

The unique new solution, that will be available in clubs’ own branding, will develop personalised workouts, set goals and provide access to a library of hundreds of exercises, video demonstrations and group exercise classes. It will track members’ progress and provide feedback on their fitness.

Combined with Wexer Virtual's content, the app is an attractive option for the unconfident and intimidated member as it provides the opportunity for members to now stream group exercise content in their own homes, to practice and develop competence which in turn will drive confidence. This will help gyms attract new unconfident markets and improve retention of current members. 

This new digital solution applies the principles of behavioural psychology to deliver a truly engaging fitness experience, fusing technology, fitness expertise and motivational science to gain and retain members for longer while providing the gym chains tools to increase secondary revenue through digital services and in-app purchases.

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